How Do You Spell 0-FOR-4?

The phrase "0-for-4" is commonly used in sports, particularly baseball, to describe a player's record of not achieving any hits out of four attempts. The word is spelled using numeric symbols to indicate the number of hits and attempts, with hyphens in between. The IPA phonetic transcription for "0-for-4" would be /ˈzɪrəʊ fɔː ˈfɔː/. The zero is pronounced as "zir-oh" and the hyphen is pronounced as "fɔː" in received pronunciation.

8 words made out of letters 0-FOR-4

3 letters

  • -of,
  • -40,
  • for,
  • f40,
  • o-r,
  • 4-0.

4 letters

  • or-4,
  • fr-4.