How Do You Spell 11.95?

Pronunciation: [ɪlˈɛvən pɔ͡ɪnt nˈa͡ɪn fˈa͡ɪv] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "11.95" is pretty straightforward as it corresponds to the price of an item, usually in dollars and cents. In IPA phonetic transcription, this word would be pronounced as "ɛlɛvən pɔɪnt naɪn faɪv", with each digit represented by a separate sound. The first two digits are pronounced "ɛlɛvən" while the decimals are read out as "pɔɪnt naɪn faɪv". This word is commonly heard in shopping scenarios and is important to master for effective communication in such situations.

11.95 Meaning and Definition

"11.95" is a numeric value typically used to denote a specific quantity or amount. It is commonly known as a numerical representation of a monetary value. In particular, "11.95" often refers to a sum of money equivalent to eleven dollars and ninety-five cents.

As a decimal number, "11.95" is generally used in the context of financial transactions, such as prices, costs, or billing amounts. It is often employed in various industries, including retail, e-commerce, and finance, to specify the price of goods or services. For instance, an item priced at "11.95" implies that the customer is required to pay eleven dollars and ninety-five cents at the time of purchase.

Moreover, "11.95" also finds utility in accounting and bookkeeping. It serves as an accounting unit to record transactions involving this particular monetary value. The usage of "11.95" in financial records enables accurate tracking, calculation, and analysis of various monetary inflows and outflows.

Furthermore, "11.95" may have additional connotations depending on the specific context in which it is used. It can represent a percentage, a discount rate, or even a specific quantity when applied outside of financial contexts.

Overall, "11.95" is a numerical representation of a currency value, commonly used to indicate a sum of money equivalent to eleven dollars and ninety-five cents in various financial, commercial, and accounting applications.