How Do You Spell 11614 R.P.?

Pronunciation: [ɪlˈɛvən θˈa͡ʊzənd sˈɪkshˈʌndɹədən fˈɔːtiːn ˌɑːpˈiː] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "11614 R.P." is quite straightforward. It is a seven-letter acronym that stands for "11,614 revolutions per minute." The letters R and P in the acronym stand for "revolutions" and "minute," respectively. The phonetic transcription of the acronym is /wʌn ˈsɪks ˈwʌn fɔr ɑr piː/, with stress on the first syllable of each word. This term is commonly used in mechanical engineering to measure the speed of rotating machinery such as engines and turbines.

11614 R.P. Meaning and Definition

"11614 R.P." is an abbreviation that is often used in official documents or correspondence related to legal and bureaucratic processes. It stands for "Registered Patent," and refers to the unique identifier assigned to a particular patent registered within a specific jurisdiction.

When a patent application is granted by the respective patent office, it is legally protected and receives a registration number or code for easy identification. The combination "11614" in "11614 R.P." represents the specific number assigned to the patent, allowing for clarity and precision when discussing or referring to a specific patent. The abbreviation "R.P." is the acronym for "Registered Patent," which signifies that the invention or innovation is officially recognized, granted, and registered as a patent.

The inclusion of "11614 R.P." in legal documents, contracts, or communications involving patents provides a concise reference to a specific patent within a system or database. This ID helps patent offices, inventors, lawyers, and other interested parties easily track, identify, and analyze relevant patent information. Consequently, "11614 R.P." plays a crucial role in patent management, administration, and enforcement, facilitating effective communication and reducing ambiguity surrounding intellectual property rights.

This term is specific to the context of patent law and administration and may vary across jurisdictions. It is vital to consult the relevant patent authority or legal resources within a specific country to fully understand the corresponding designation and significance of patent registration numbers.

Common Misspellings for 11614 R.P.

  • 21614 r.p.
  • q1614 r.p.
  • 12614 r.p.
  • 1q614 r.p.
  • 11514 r.p.
  • 11t14 r.p.
  • 11y14 r.p.
  • 11714 r.p.
  • 11624 r.p.
  • 116q4 r.p.
  • 11613 r.p.
  • 1161e r.p.
  • 1161r r.p.
  • 11615 r.p.
  • 11614 e.p.
  • 11614 d.p.
  • 11614 f.p.
  • 11614 t.p.
  • 11614 5.p.
  • 11614 4.p.


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