How Do You Spell 14TH?

Pronunciation: [fˈɔːtiːnθ] (IPA)

The correct spelling of the ordinal number for “fourteen” is “14th”. The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is /ˈfɔː.ti.əθ/, where the stress is on the second syllable. The letter “t” in “14th” represents the sound /θ/, known as the voiceless dental fricative. This sound is produced by putting the tongue between the teeth and blowing air out, creating a hissing sound. Remember to include the “th” when writing “14th” to ensure proper spelling.

14TH Meaning and Definition

14th is an ordinal number that denotes the position of something in a series or sequence, specifically representing the number fourteen. It is derived from the cardinal number fourteen by adding the suffix "-th," which is used to form ordinal numbers in English.

In terms of time, the term "14th" usually refers to the fourteenth day of a month. For example, if we consider the month of January, the 14th would signify January 14th. Similarly, it can be applied to any month based on the corresponding numerical day.

In the context of history, "14th" may be used in relation to significant events or occurrences that took place on the fourteenth day of a particular month. It could represent historical milestones, anniversaries, or commemorations. Furthermore, "14th" can also be utilized to designate the ordinal position of various rulers, leaders, or political figures who held power during the fourteenth iteration of a particular office or position.

In the numerical realm, "14th" serves as a way of expressing the order or rank of the number fourteen within a sequence. This can be observed in mathematical, statistical, or numerical contexts.

Overall, "14th" functions as an ordinal term that establishes the position of something as the fourteenth in a series, whether it pertains to time, history, numerical sequences, or other relevant fields.

Common Misspellings for 14TH

  • 13t h
  • q4th
  • 14rh
  • 14fh
  • 14gh
  • 14yh
  • 146h
  • 145h
  • 14tg
  • 14tb
  • 14tn
  • 14tj
  • 14tu
  • 14ty
  • 214th
  • 124th
  • q14th
  • 14trh
  • 14t6h
  • 14tth

Etymology of 14TH

The word "14th" is derived from a combination of two parts: the number "fourteen" and the suffix "-th".

The term "fourteen" has its roots in Old English and is believed to have originated from the Proto-Germanic word "fimf-téhun", which meant "five ten". It was a compound formed from the words "fimf" (five) and "tehun" (ten). Over time, the pronunciation and spelling of "fourteen" have evolved, but the core meaning has remained.

The suffix "-th" is an English ordinal number suffix used to form ordinal numerals, indicating position or order in a series. It is derived from the Old English suffix "-ða" or "-the", which denoted an ordinal number.


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