How Do You Spell 41ST?

The numerical term "41st" is spelled with the letters F-I-R-S-T, despite the fact that the pronunciation differs. The correct phonetic transcription for "41st" is /fɔːr.ðə/. The 'th' sound is written as 'st', which looks peculiar based on its spelling. However, the reason for this is due to the symbol representing the 'th' being rather long and difficult to fit in sequence. Therefore, the 'st' sequence was used, with the letters together making up the desired sound.

Common Misspellings for 41ST

  • 4ist
  • 42st
  • 4qst
  • 41at
  • 41zt
  • 41xt
  • 41dt
  • 41et
  • 41wt
  • 41sr
  • 41sf
  • 41sg
  • 41sy
  • 41s6
  • 41s5
  • e41st
  • 4e1st
  • r41st
  • 4r1st
  • 541st

2 words made out of letters 41ST

2 letters


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