How Do You Spell 500-METER?

Pronunciation: [fˈa͡ɪvhˈʌndɹədmˈiːtə] (IPA)

The word "500-meter" is spelled as /ˈfɪv.hʌn.drəd ˈmiː.tər/ in IPA phonetic transcription. It is a compound word consisting of "500" and "meter," with the stress on the second syllable of "meter." The "500" part is pronounced as "five-hundred" with stress on the first syllable of "five." The dash between the two words indicates a connection, indicating that the phrase "500-meter" refers to a distance of 500 meters. This spelling helps to ensure proper communication and understanding of distances in meters accurately.

500-METER Meaning and Definition

The term "500-meter" refers to a unit of length measurement commonly used in various fields like sports, engineering, and manufacturing. It defines a distance of precisely 500 meters, which is equivalent to 0.5 kilometers or approximately 1640 feet.

In the realm of athletics, such as track and field, the 500-meter dash represents a middle-distance running event that challenges the speed and endurance of athletes. This race requires participants to complete two laps around a standard track, with each lap covering a distance of 250 meters.

In other applications, "500-meter" might refer to a specific length in different contexts. For instance, in engineering and construction, it could denote the maximum distance covered by a wireless signal or the limit for cable transmission without significant signal degradation.

Moreover, the term may also describe a particular range associated with devices like rangefinders or weapons systems that have the capability to target objects within a radius of 500 meters.

Overall, "500-meter" serves as a concise and standardized way to describe a half-kilometer distance, which finds utility in diverse sectors depending on the specific field of application.

Etymology of 500-METER

The term "500-meter" is a compound word derived from a combination of Latin and Greek roots.

The first part, "500", comes from the Latin word "quingenti", which means "five hundred". It is derived from the Latin words "quinque" meaning "five" and "centum" meaning "hundred".

The second part, "meter", originates from the Greek word "metron", meaning "measure". "Meter" refers to a unit of measurement used to express length or distance in the metric system.

Therefore, "500-meter" refers to a distance of five hundred meters, where "meter" denotes the unit of measurement and "500" specifies the length.