How Do You Spell 80-STRONG?

Pronunciation: [ˈe͡ɪtistɹˈɒŋ] (IPA)

The phrase "80-strong" is commonly used to indicate a group of 80 people or things that possess a certain quality or characteristic. In IPA phonetic transcription, this phrase can be written as /eɪti stɹɔŋ/, with the "a" sound in "eighty" represented by the symbol /eɪ/ and the "o" sound in "strong" represented by the symbol /ɔ/. The hyphen between "80" and "strong" indicates that the two words should be read together as a compound adjective.

80-STRONG Meaning and Definition

80-strong is an adjective used to describe a group, organization, or team that consists of 80 members or participants. The term "strong" is used in this context to indicate the numerical strength or size of the group. It is often employed to emphasize the significant number of individuals involved and the collective potency or impact they may have.

For instance, if a newspaper article mentions an "80-strong protest," it means that there were 80 people actively participating in the demonstration or rally. Similarly, an "80-strong workforce" signifies a company or establishment with 80 employees. This term can apply to various contexts, such as sports teams, military units, committees, bands, societies, or any other gathering of individuals united by a common purpose or affiliation.

The adjective "80-strong" highlights the considerable size or magnitude of the group, often indicating a relatively large number of participants. It conveys the notion that the group possesses substantial resources, capabilities, or influence due to the significant number of individuals involved. The term is relevant in quantitative descriptions where the precise count of members holds significance in understanding the scale or impact of the entity being described.

Etymology of 80-STRONG

The term "80-strong" is a compound word made up of "80" and "strong".

"80" simply refers to the number 80, indicating a quantity or a specific count.

The word "strong" is an adjective derived from the Old English word "strang", meaning "having a great power or force", "powerful", or "able-bodied". It has remained relatively unchanged throughout history.

When used together, the term "80-strong" signifies a collective or group of 80 individuals who are strong or able-bodied. The etymology of each component word does not change in meaning when combined.