How Do You Spell 800-METRE?

Pronunciation: [ˈe͡ɪthˈʌndɹədmˈiːtə] (IPA)

The correct spelling of the word "800-metre" is often a point of confusion for many individuals due to its unusual format. It is important to note that the word is hyphenated to indicate the distance measurement of 800 meters. Additionally, the pronunciation of the word is typically represented in IPA phonetic transcription as /ˈeɪ.ti ˈmɛ.tər/. This helps to clarify the correct way to pronounce the word, regardless of its unique spelling format.

800-METRE Meaning and Definition

The term "800-metre" refers to a specific distance in sports, particularly athletics and track events. It is a metric unit used to measure a race or a segment within a race. Specifically, the "800-metre" denotes a track event that requires the athletes to run a precise distance of 800 meters.

In athletics, the 800-metre race is classified as a middle-distance event that combines elements of both speed and endurance. It is run on a standard track, typically in an anticlockwise direction, with two laps required to complete the designated distance.

Competitors in the 800-metre race need to possess a unique balance of sprinting ability and stamina. They must maintain a fast pace throughout the race while strategically managing their energy output to avoid fatigue. The 800-metre demands tactical skills as it requires runners to position themselves effectively throughout the race, deciding when to conserve energy or when to make a decisive surge.

The 800-metre race has been contested in various international competitions, including the Olympic Games and World Championships. It continues to be a highly regarded event in the track and field world, showcasing the versatility and skill of athletes who strive to achieve optimal performance in both speed and endurance disciplines.

Etymology of 800-METRE

The word "800-metre" consists of two components: "800" and "metre".

- "800" refers to the distance, which is 800 meters. It comes from the cardinal number "eight hundred", which originated from Old English "eahta hund" (literally "eight hundred").

- "Metre" refers to the unit of measurement. It comes from the French word "mètre", which evolved from the Latin word "metrum" meaning "measure". The Latin term itself was derived from the Greek word "metron", with the same meaning.

Therefore, the etymology of "800-metre" can be traced back to the Old English and Latin roots for the numerical value and unit of measurement, respectively.