How Do You Spell A STOMACH FORS?

The peculiarly spelled term "a stomach fors" (IPA: ə ˈstʌmək fɔːrz) is actually an archaic phrase that means "a stomach forceps." The word "fors" is an old-fashioned spelling of "forceps," which is a medical instrument used for grasping or holding tissues or other objects within the body during surgery. While this spelling has fallen out of use in modern times, it serves as an interesting reminder of the evolution of language over time.

Common Misspellings for A STOMACH FORS

  • z stomach fors
  • s stomach fors
  • w stomach fors
  • q stomach fors
  • a atomach fors
  • a ztomach fors
  • a xtomach fors
  • a dtomach fors
  • a etomach fors
  • a wtomach fors
  • a sromach fors
  • a sfomach fors
  • a sgomach fors
  • a syomach fors
  • a s6omach fors
  • a s5omach fors
  • a stimach fors
  • a stkmach fors
  • a stlmach fors
  • a stpmach fors

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