How Do You Spell A STUDENT?

The spelling of the word "A student" in English is phonetically transcribed as /ə ˈstjuː.dənt/. The symbol /ə/ represents the unstressed schwa sound in the first syllable, while /ˈstjuː/ represents the stressed syllable with a long /u:/ vowel sound. Finally, /dənt/ represents the final syllable with a short /ə/ vowel sound. The letter "A" is used as an indefinite article to refer to any one of the numerous students in a given group or context.

Common Misspellings for A STUDENT

  • z student
  • s student
  • w student
  • q student
  • a atudent
  • a ztudent
  • a xtudent
  • a dtudent
  • a etudent
  • a wtudent
  • a srudent
  • a sfudent
  • a sgudent
  • a syudent
  • a s6udent
  • a s5udent
  • a stydent
  • a sthdent
  • a stjdent
  • a stident

28 words made out of letters A STUDENT


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