How Do You Spell ABANDON?

Correct spelling for the English word "abandon" is [ɐbˈandən], [ɐbˈandən], [ɐ_b_ˈa_n_d_ə_n]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for ABANDON

Below is the list of 287 misspellings for the word "abandon".

Similar spelling words for ABANDON

Plural form of ABANDON is ABANDONS

Definition of ABANDON

  1. Unrestrained impulsiveness, frankness or enthusiasm of manner.

Anagrams of ABANDON

5 letters

Usage Examples for ABANDON

  1. I'm the only one who takes any interest in him or has any control over him, and to abandon him now would be an awful responsibility. - "New Faces" by Myra Kelly
  2. Her strength and consciousness were beginning to abandon her. - "Antonina" by Wilkie Collins
  3. " Yes," was the answer, given mechanically, not because the speaker wished or was prepared to go, or, indeed, was otherwise than scared at the prospect of going, but because she felt she could not abandon Shirley. - "Shirley" by Charlotte Brontë
  4. He was tired, tired with that absolute abandon of youth that sees no hope in the future, and has no philosophy to support it. - "A Breath of Prairie and other stories" by Will Lillibridge
  5. If he had to abandon the animal, he wanted to leave him where there was some chance of finding food. - "Tom of the Raiders" by Austin Bishop

Conjugate verb Abandon


I would abandon
we would abandon
you would abandon
he/she/it would abandon
they would abandon


I would have abandon
you would have abandon
he/she/it would have abandon
we would have abandon
they would have abandon


I will abandon
we will abandon
you will abandon
he/she/it will abandon
they will abandon


I will have abandoned
we will have abandoned
you will have abandoned
he/she/it will have abandoned
they will have abandoned


you abandon
we let´s abandon


to abandon


I abandoned
we abandoned
you abandoned
he/she/it abandoned
they abandoned




I had abandoned
we had abandoned
you had abandoned
he/she/it had abandoned
they had abandoned


I abandon
we abandon
you abandon
he/she/it abandons
they abandon




I have abandoned
we have abandoned
you have abandoned
he/she/it has abandoned
they have abandoned
I am abandoning
we are abandoning
you are abandoning
he/she/it is abandoning
they are abandoning
I was abandoning
we were abandoning
you were abandoning
he/she/it was abandoning
they were abandoning
I will be abandoning
we will be abandoning
you will be abandoning
he/she/it will be abandoning
they will be abandoning
I have been abandoning
we have been abandoning
you have been abandoning
he/she/it has been abandoning
they have been abandoning
I had been abandoning
we had been abandoning
you had been abandoning
he/she/it had been abandoning
they had been abandoning
I will have been abandoning
we will have been abandoning
you will have been abandoning
he/she/it will have been abandoning
they will have been abandoning
I would have abandoned
we would have abandoned
you would have abandoned
he/she/it would have abandoned
they would have abandoned
I would be abandoning
we would be abandoning
you would be abandoning
he/she/it would be abandoning
they would be abandoning
I would have been abandoning
we would have been abandoning
you would have been abandoning
he/she/it would have been abandoning
they would have been abandoning