How Do You Spell ABBA?

Correct spelling for the English word "Abba" is [ˈabə], [ˈabə], [ˈa_b_ə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Plural form of ABBA is ABBAS

Definition of ABBA

  1. Father. Used w. Father in invoking God(Mark xiv. 36).

Anagrams of ABBA

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Common Misspellings for ABBA

Below is the list of 45 misspellings for the word "abba".

  • abgba
  • zabba
  • abnba
  • azbba
  • avbba
  • Afba
  • abbha
  • aabba
  • abhba
  • abbqa
  • abbga
  • sbba
  • aqbba
  • awbba
  • abbaa
  • abbaq
  • wabba
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  • abbz
  • asbba
  • ibba
  • abbas
  • Acba
  • ahbba
  • cbba
  • abbaw
  • abbq
  • abb a
  • agbba
  • qabba
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  • anbba
  • abbza
  • ebba
  • Abfa
  • Ajba
  • zbba
  • abbva
  • qbba
  • ab ba
  • abbwa
  • abbna
  • abbsa
  • a bba
  • abbaz

Usage Examples for ABBA

  1. Duly, after long companionship, thought, and prayer, they had elected Pambo for their abbot- Abba- father- the wisest, eldest- hearted and headed of them- if he was that, it was time that he should be obeyed. - "Hypatia or, New Foes with an Old Face" by Charles Kingsley
  2. The quatrains must always rime abba, but the sestet may rime cdecde or cdcdcd or cdedce or cdedec, or almost any arrangement of two or three rimes which does not end in a couplet. - "The Principles of English Versification" by Paull Franklin Baum
  3. A picturesque kalekji is almost an essential in such close quarters as a raft, and up till now we had rejoiced in the brightly- striped Kurdish coats and turbans of our first kalekjis, and the clean, flowing, white abba of our Jezireh friend. - "By Desert Ways to Baghdad" by Louisa Jebb
  4. C. 's man was an educated Coast Swahili named Abba Ali. - "African Camp Fires" by Stewart Edward White
  5. Their hymns are for those who, having the spirit of adoption, cry, Abba Father! - "The Religious Life of London" by J. Ewing Ritchie

What does Abba stand for?

Abbreviation ABBA means:

  1. ADC Backend For Bolometer Array
  2. Agnetha Bjorn Benny Anni