How Do You Spell ABBESS?

Pronunciation: [ˈabɛs] (IPA)

The word "abbess" is spelled with a double "b" and double "s" at the end, despite the fact that the word "abbot" only has one of each letter. This is because "abbess" is derived from the Latin word "abbātica," which has a long vowel sound in the second syllable that is indicated by the doubled consonant. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word is pronounced /ˈæbəs/, with emphasis on the first syllable and a short vowel sound in the second syllable.

ABBESS Meaning and Definition

  1. Abbess is a noun that refers to a woman who is the superior or head of an abbey or convent. The term is primarily used in reference to the leader of a female monastic community within the Catholic Church. An abbess holds a position of authority and responsibility in overseeing the spiritual and administrative affairs of the abbey.

    Traditionally, an abbess is elected by the community of nuns or appointed by a higher ecclesiastical authority, based on their qualifications and suitability for the role. They are responsible for maintaining the religious observances, enforcing the rules and regulations of the order, and guiding the spiritual growth and well-being of the nuns under their care.

    The abbess often serves as a representative and mediator between the community of nuns and the outside world, managing matters such as finances, relationships with local clergy, and interactions with the secular society. They may also have the power to make decisions on behalf of the community, such as accepting new members or granting permissions for certain activities.

    In terms of appearance, an abbess may be distinguished by wearing special vestments or distinct symbols of her position, such as a pectoral cross or a staff. In historical contexts, the title of abbess was associated with a certain level of prestige and influence, as powerful abbesses could hold considerable sway in political, social, and religious spheres. However, modern abbesses typically focus on the spiritual leadership of their community and the personal growth of the nuns entrusted to their care.

  2. A lady placed over a nunnery. Among persons living secluded from the world in religious houses, the males are called monks, and the females nuns. The residence of a monk is called a monastery, and that of a man a nunnery.

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Etymology of ABBESS

The word "abbess" comes from the Latin term "abbātissa", which was derived from the earlier term "abbas" meaning "abbot". The Latin term "abbas" in turn originated from the Aramaic word "abba", meaning "father" or "priest". The suffix "-ess" in "abbess" is a feminine form used to indicate a female occupant of a position or role. Therefore, "abbess" refers to a female superior or head of an abbey or convent.

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Plural form of ABBESS is ABBESSES


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