How Do You Spell ABIDE?

Pronunciation: [ɐbˈa͡ɪd] (IPA)

The word "abide" is spelled with four letters: A-B-I-D-E. The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is /əˈbaɪd/. The first sound is a schwa, which is an unstressed vowel sound. The second sound is a short "i" sound, followed by a voiced "b" sound. The last two sounds are a long "i" followed by a voiced "d" sound. The spelling of "abide" represents the sounds in the word and is a common word used to describe the act of staying or continuing in a particular condition or state.

ABIDE Meaning and Definition

  1. Abide is a verb that has several meanings depending on the context in which it is used. One common definition of abide is to accept or follow a rule, law, or guideline. In this sense, it implies complying with or adhering to something, often out of a sense of duty or obligation. For example, if someone abides by the terms and conditions of a contract, it means they are honoring and respecting the agreed-upon conditions.

    Another definition of abide pertains to enduring or persisting through a difficult or challenging situation. It suggests a sense of patience, fortitude, or resilience. For instance, if someone can abide a harsh climate, it means they can withstand or tolerate unfavorable weather conditions.

    Furthermore, abide can mean to remain or stay in a particular place or state. This sense of the word implies a sense of continuity or stability. For instance, if someone abides in a certain house, it means they reside or live there.

    Abide can also mean to accept or bear something, often with patience or without complaint. In this sense, it connotes a willingness to endure or tolerate a particular situation or circumstance. For instance, if someone abides criticism, it means they can handle or accept critical feedback without becoming defensive or upset.

    Overall, the word abide encompasses the ideas of acceptance, compliance, endurance, persistence, and remaining in a particular state or place.

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Etymology of ABIDE

The word "abide" comes from Middle English "abiden", which is derived from Old English "ābīdan". In Old English, "ā-" was a prefix indicating opposition or away, and "bīdan" meant "to wait" or "to remain". Thus, "abide" originally meant "to endure" or "to wait patiently". It has since evolved to encompass other meanings such as "to tolerate" or "to accept".

Idioms with the word ABIDE

  • abide with sm The idiom "abide with sm" means to stay with or keep company with someone. It implies a sense of companionship, support, or solidarity.
  • abide by When someone "abides by" something, it means they obey, follow, or comply with a rule, law, agreement, or principle. It implies that one adheres to a certain set of guidelines or beliefs in their actions or behavior.
  • abide with The idiom "abide with" means to stay or remain by someone's side or in a particular place. It often implies providing support, companionship, or shared experiences during hard times or challenging situations.
  • abide by something The idiom "abide by something" means to obey, follow, or adhere to a rule, law, agreement, or principle. It implies accepting and respecting a certain set of guidelines or regulations.
  • abide by a decision The idiom "abide by a decision" means to accept and adhere to a particular decision or ruling, whether you agree with it or not. It implies following and respecting the outcome even if it is not in your favor or against your personal preferences or beliefs.
  • abide with someone The idiom "abide with someone" means to stay or live with someone, often in a supportive or comforting manner. It implies offering one's presence, companionship, and support to someone in need.
  • abide by sth The idiom "abide by sth" means to conform to or follow a certain rule, law, agreement, or principle. It implies a willingness to comply and respect the specified guidelines or expectations.

Similar spelling words for ABIDE

Conjugate verb Abide


I would have abided
you would have abided
he/she/it would have abided
we would have abided
they would have abided
I would have abide
you would have abide
he/she/it would have abide
we would have abide
they would have abide


I would have been abiding
you would have been abiding
he/she/it would have been abiding
we would have been abiding
they would have been abiding


I would abide
you would abide
he/she/it would abide
we would abide
they would abide


I would be abiding
you would be abiding
he/she/it would be abiding
we would be abiding
they would be abiding


I will abide
you will abide
he/she/it will abide
we will abide
they will abide


I will be abiding
you will be abiding
he/she/it will be abiding
we will be abiding
they will be abiding


I will have abided
you will have abided
he/she/it will have abided
we will have abided
they will have abided
I will have abode
we will have abode
you will have abode
he/she/it will have abode
they will have abode


I will have been abiding
you will have been abiding
he/she/it will have been abiding
we will have been abiding
they will have been abiding


we let's abide
you abide
we let´s abide


to abide


I abode
we abode
you abode
he/she/it abode
they abode


I was abiding
you were abiding
he/she/it was abiding
we were abiding
they were abiding




I had abided
you had abided
he/she/it had abided
we had abided
they had abided
I had abode
we had abode
you had abode
he/she/it had abode
they had abode


I had been abiding
you had been abiding
he/she/it had been abiding
we had been abiding
they had been abiding


I I had abided
you I had abided
he/she/it I had abided
we I had abided
they I had abided


I abide
you abide
he/she/it abides
we abide
they abide


I am abiding
you are abiding
he/she/it is abiding
we are abiding
they are abiding




I have abided
you have abided
he/she/it has abided
we have abided
they have abided
I have abode
we have abode
you have abode
he/she/it has abode
they have abode


I have been abiding
you have been abiding
he/she/it has been abiding
we have been abiding
they have been abiding


he/she/it abide


I abided
you abided
he/she/it abided
we abided
they abided
I would have abode
we would have abode
you would have abode
he/she/it would have abode
they would have abode


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