How Do You Spell ABOUNDED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Abounded" is [ɐbˈa͡ʊndɪd], [ɐbˈa‍ʊndɪd], [ɐ_b_ˈaʊ_n_d_ɪ_d]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for ABOUNDED

Below is the list of 114 misspellings for the word "abounded".

Definition of ABOUNDED

  1. of Abound

Anagrams of ABOUNDED

8 letters

  • abounded.

7 letters

6 letters

Usage Examples for ABOUNDED

  1. Here wolves abounded, but only on one occasion did they attempt to disturb me, which was when I had left by the lake shore a deer we had killed in the morning, and they came at night to steal the meat. - "The Autobiography of a Journalist, Volume I" by William James Stillman
  2. Rhinoceros' tracks abounded, and buffalo seemed to be plentiful, but we never beheld a living thing. - "How I Found Livingstone" by Sir Henry M. Stanley

Conjugate verb Abounded


I would abound
we would abound
you would abound
he/she/it would abound
they would abound


I will abound
we will abound
you will abound
he/she/it will abound
they will abound


I will have abounded
we will have abounded
you will have abounded
he/she/it will have abounded
they will have abounded


I abounded
we abounded
you abounded
he/she/it abounded
they abounded


I had abounded
we had abounded
you had abounded
he/she/it had abounded
they had abounded


I abound
we abound
you abound
he/she/it abounds
they abound


I have abounded
we have abounded
you have abounded
he/she/it has abounded
they have abounded
I am abounding
we are abounding
you are abounding
he/she/it is abounding
they are abounding
I was abounding
we were abounding
you were abounding
he/she/it was abounding
they were abounding
I will be abounding
we will be abounding
you will be abounding
he/she/it will be abounding
they will be abounding
I have been abounding
we have been abounding
you have been abounding
he/she/it has been abounding
they have been abounding
I had been abounding
we had been abounding
you had been abounding
he/she/it had been abounding
they had been abounding
I will have been abounding
we will have been abounding
you will have been abounding
he/she/it will have been abounding
they will have been abounding
I would have abounded
we would have abounded
you would have abounded
he/she/it would have abounded
they would have abounded
I would be abounding
we would be abounding
you would be abounding
he/she/it would be abounding
they would be abounding
I would have been abounding
we would have been abounding
you would have been abounding
he/she/it would have been abounding
they would have been abounding