Pronunciation: [ˌakədˈɛmɪkli] (IPA)

The correct spelling of the word "academically" is /əˌkædəˈmɪkli/. The first syllable is pronounced "uh" with a schwa sound, followed by "ka" and "də" with short vowel sounds. The fourth syllable is stressed, with a long "i" sound followed by "kli." The spelling follows the typical English convention of combining Greek and Latin roots to form complex words, and mirrors the pronunciation of the word's roots "academia" and "academic." Accuracy in spelling academic terms is crucial for clear communication within academic circles.

ACADEMICALLY Meaning and Definition

  1. Academically is an adverb that describes actions or situations related to academics or education. It refers to the ways in which individuals engage in or excel in academic pursuits, such as studying, learning, and achieving within an educational setting.

    In a literal sense, academically focuses on intellectual and scholarly aspects of one's performance or activities within an educational institution. It commonly entails adherence to standards, guidelines, and requirements set by educational authorities, such as schools, colleges, and universities. For instance, when students are described as performing academically well, it suggests that they are meeting or exceeding the expectations and grading criteria established by their educational institutions.

    Furthermore, academically can be seen as a broader term that encompasses not only academic performance but also the attitude, behavior, and approach one adopts towards studying and learning. It implies being intellectually curious, diligent, and committed to the pursuit of knowledge and scholarly excellence. It highlights the ability to effectively engage with academic subjects, acquire new information, think critically, and apply learned concepts to real-world situations.

    Overall, academically signifies an orientation or quality that pertains to academic study, scholarly pursuits, and the intellectual growth and achievements of individuals within an educational context.

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The word "academically" originates from the root word "academia", which comes from the ancient Greek word "Akadēmeia". Akadēmeia was the name of the gymnasium in ancient Athens, where the philosopher Plato taught his students. The term "academia" eventually evolved to refer to institutions of higher learning or scholarship, and "academically" emerged as an adverb to describe something pertaining to the activities or standards of academia. Therefore, "academically" means in a manner related to education, learning, or the pursuit of knowledge.

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