How Do You Spell ACCORDS?

Correct spelling for the English word "accords" is [ɐkˈɔːdz], [ɐkˈɔːdz], [ɐ_k_ˈɔː_d_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Anagrams of ACCORDS

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Usage Examples for ACCORDS

  1. Is it the purest product of our reason; or rather to be regarded as composed of a number of those sentimental forces which so often are right, though directly opposed to our reason- forces that in themselves are a kind of unconscious, vaster reason, to which our conscious reason invariably accords its startled approval when it has reached the heights whence those kindly feelings long had beheld what itself was unable to see? - "The Buried Temple" by Maurice Maeterlinck
  2. That the ocean began its history as a vast fresh- water envelope of the Globe is a view which accords with the evidence for the primitive high temperature of the Earth. - "The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays" by J. (John) Joly

Conjugate verb Accords


I would accord
we would accord
you would accord
he/she/it would accord
they would accord


I will accord
we will accord
you will accord
he/she/it will accord
they will accord


I will have accorded
we will have accorded
you will have accorded
he/she/it will have accorded
they will have accorded


I accorded
we accorded
you accorded
he/she/it accorded
they accorded


I had accorded
we had accorded
you had accorded
he/she/it had accorded
they had accorded


I accord
we accord
you accord
he/she/it accords
they accord


I have accorded
we have accorded
you have accorded
he/she/it has accorded
they have accorded
I am according
we are according
you are according
he/she/it is according
they are according
I was according
we were according
you were according
he/she/it was according
they were according
I will be according
we will be according
you will be according
he/she/it will be according
they will be according
I have been according
we have been according
you have been according
he/she/it has been according
they have been according
I had been according
we had been according
you had been according
he/she/it had been according
they had been according
I will have been according
we will have been according
you will have been according
he/she/it will have been according
they will have been according
I would have accorded
we would have accorded
you would have accorded
he/she/it would have accorded
they would have accorded
I would be according
we would be according
you would be according
he/she/it would be according
they would be according
I would have been according
we would have been according
you would have been according
he/she/it would have been according
they would have been according