How Do You Spell ADEMI VOIX?

Pronunciation: [ɐdˈɛmi vwˈa] (IPA)

The spelling of the French phrase "Ademi voix" is quite unique, as it includes a few sounds that might not be immediately recognizable to English speakers. The first two syllables, "a" and "de," are pronounced with the vowels "ah" and "duh," respectively. The final syllable, "mi voix," includes the French "i" sound (which is like the "ee" sound in "feet") and the "voix" sounds like "vwa." Therefore, the IPA phonetic transcription of "Ademi voix" would be: /a.də.mi vwa/.

ADEMI VOIX Meaning and Definition

  1. Ademi voix is a French term that translates to "with half voice" in English. It is a musical instruction that is primarily used in choral or vocal music. Ademi voix signifies a singing technique where singers are instructed to sing with reduced volume or a softer vocal tone. This technique is often employed to create a more intimate or delicate musical expression.

    When performing ademi voix, singers are required to control their vocal power and decrease the overall volume while maintaining a clear and controlled tone. It requires finesse and precision to achieve the desired effect. By singing ademi voix, the singer can evoke a sense of vulnerability or subtlety in the musical interpretation.

    This instruction is particularly used in the context of choral music to create a balanced and dynamic sound within the ensemble. Ademi voix is often employed during softer passages or when the desired musical effect is to convey a gentle or hushed atmosphere. It allows singers to display their ability to control their vocal dynamics and adapt their sound to suit the musical context.

    Overall, ademi voix is a technique in vocal music that emphasizes singing with reduced volume or softer tone to create a more intimate and delicate musical expression.