How Do You Spell ADRAR?

The word "adrar" is spelled using the IPA phonetic transcription /ædˈrɑr/. The first sound, pronounced as "æ," is the short "a" sound. The second sound, "d," is the voiced dental plosive. The third sound, "r," is the voiced alveolar trill. And finally, the last sound, "ar," is pronounced with the long "a" sound combined with the "r" sound. This transcription makes it easier to understand the pronunciation of the word and helps avoid common spelling mistakes.

Common Misspellings for ADRAR

  • adar
  • adra
  • adare
  • adrear
  • adrr
  • adrare
  • aderar
  • adirair
  • zdrar
  • qdrar
  • ad5ar
  • ad4ar
  • adrzr
  • adra5
  • adra4
  • zadrar
  • azdrar
  • sadrar
  • asdrar
  • wadrar

7 words made out of letters ADRAR

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