How Do You Spell ADZ?

Pronunciation: [ˈadz] (IPA)

"Adz" is a word that describes a type of woodcutting tool. The phonetic transcription for "adz" is /ædz/. The word is spelled with a "z" at the end, rather than an "s," as it is a variation of the original spelling "adze" which was pronounced /ædz/, but eventually lost the final "e" in the English language over time. The spelling "adz" is most commonly used in American English, while "adze" is still preferred in British English.

ADZ Meaning and Definition

An adz (also spelled adze) refers to a cutting tool that features a steel blade attached at a right angle to a handle. The blade of an adz typically contains a slightly curved cutting edge, specially designed to trim, shape, or smooth wood surfaces. Used primarily for woodworking tasks, an adz is commonly employed in tasks such as carving, sculpting, or chopping wood.

The handle of an adz can be made of various materials, including wood or metal, providing a comfortable grip for the user. In its usage, the adz is held vertically, with the blade resting against the wood surface. By applying downward pressure and making repetitive swinging motions, the user can effectively remove wood and shape the surface to their desired configuration.

The adz possesses a long history, with evidence of its usage dating back to ancient times. Its versatility and efficiency have made it a popular tool among carpenters, woodworkers, and craftsmen throughout various cultures. The adz's design allows for precise material removal, making it suitable for both large-scale shaping tasks and intricate detailed work.

In summary, an adz is a hand tool with a sharpened, curved blade attached at a right angle to a handle. Its primary function is to remove wood or shape wood surfaces in woodworking tasks. Whether carving intricate details or shaping large wooden elements, the adz is a valuable tool for creating precise and clean cuts.

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Etymology of ADZ

The word "adz" or "adze" originated from the Old English word "adese", which was derived from the Old French word "adze" or "az", meaning "axe". This French term can be traced back to the Latin word "ascia", which also means "axe". In turn, "ascia" is believed to have its roots in the Proto-Indo-European root word "*aks-", denoting "axe". The word "adz" has been used to describe a specific type of axe with a curved blade used for woodworking, while "axe" typically refers to a tool with a straight blade.

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Plural form of ADZ is ADZES


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