How Do You Spell AEON?

The word "aeon" is a variant spelling of "eon", meaning a long period of time. The spelling "aeon" is derived from the ancient Greek word "aión", which means "age" or "lifetime". In IPA phonetic transcription, "aeon" is pronounced /ˈiː.ɑːn/ which uses the long "e" sound and the "ɑː" sound as in "father". The combination "ae" is used to represent the Greek letter "alpha" and is pronounced as a long "e". The spelling "aeon" is commonly used in British English while "eon" is more common in American English.

Common Misspellings for AEON

  • seon
  • weon
  • waeon
  • aeno
  • aeeon
  • aeoon
  • aeonn
  • ieon
  • eeon
  • ceon
  • auon
  • aegn
  • aemn
  • aenn
  • aeof
  • aeol
  • aeoo
  • a eon
  • ae on
  • aeo n

Plural form of AEON is AEONS

15 words made out of letters AEON

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