Agglomerated, /əˈɡlɑməreɪtɪd/, is a word that refers to a cluster of items or particles that are stuck together in a mass. The spelling of this word originates from the Latin word ‘agglomerare’, which means ‘to wind into a ball or mass’. The stress falls on the second syllable ‘-glom-’ and the ‘a’ in the third syllable is pronounced with a schwa sound /ə/. The ‘-ate’ ending indicates that it is a verb in the past participle form, indicating that the process of agglomerating has already taken place.

Common Misspellings for AGGLOMERATED

  • aggolomerated
  • zgglomerated
  • sgglomerated
  • wgglomerated
  • qgglomerated
  • afglomerated
  • avglomerated
  • abglomerated
  • ahglomerated
  • ayglomerated
  • atglomerated
  • agflomerated
  • agvlomerated
  • agblomerated
  • aghlomerated
  • agylomerated
  • agtlomerated
  • aggkomerated
  • aggpomerated
  • agglomerulated

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Conjugate verb Agglomerated


I would agglomerate
we would agglomerate
you would agglomerate
he/she/it would agglomerate
they would agglomerate


I will agglomerate
we will agglomerate
you will agglomerate
he/she/it will agglomerate
they will agglomerate


I will have agglomerated
we will have agglomerated
you will have agglomerated
he/she/it will have agglomerated
they will have agglomerated


I agglomerated
we agglomerated
you agglomerated
he/she/it agglomerated
they agglomerated


I had agglomerated
we had agglomerated
you had agglomerated
he/she/it had agglomerated
they had agglomerated


I agglomerate
we agglomerate
you agglomerate
he/she/it agglomerates
they agglomerate


I have agglomerated
we have agglomerated
you have agglomerated
he/she/it has agglomerated
they have agglomerated
I am agglomerating
we are agglomerating
you are agglomerating
he/she/it is agglomerating
they are agglomerating
I was agglomerating
we were agglomerating
you were agglomerating
he/she/it was agglomerating
they were agglomerating
I will be agglomerating
we will be agglomerating
you will be agglomerating
he/she/it will be agglomerating
they will be agglomerating
I have been agglomerating
we have been agglomerating
you have been agglomerating
he/she/it has been agglomerating
they have been agglomerating
I had been agglomerating
we had been agglomerating
you had been agglomerating
he/she/it had been agglomerating
they had been agglomerating
I will have been agglomerating
we will have been agglomerating
you will have been agglomerating
he/she/it will have been agglomerating
they will have been agglomerating
I would have agglomerated
we would have agglomerated
you would have agglomerated
he/she/it would have agglomerated
they would have agglomerated
I would be agglomerating
we would be agglomerating
you would be agglomerating
he/she/it would be agglomerating
they would be agglomerating
I would have been agglomerating
we would have been agglomerating
you would have been agglomerating
he/she/it would have been agglomerating
they would have been agglomerating


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