How Do You Spell AGGRY?

The spelling of the word "aggry" might seem peculiar to some, but it has a fascinating linguistic history. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced as /ˈæɡri/. This word is derived from the Akan language of Ghana, where it is spelled as "agari." The word refers to small glass beads that were used as currency and were traded across West Africa. Over time, the word was adopted by the English language and its spelling changed to "aggry." Today, it is considered a rare and archaic term.

Common Misspellings for AGGRY

  • zggry
  • sggry
  • wggry
  • qggry
  • avgry
  • aygry
  • atgry
  • agfry
  • agvry
  • agbry
  • aghry
  • agyry
  • agtry
  • aggey
  • aggdy
  • aggfy
  • aggty
  • agg5y
  • agg4y

Plural form of AGGRY is AGGRIES

9 words made out of letters AGGRY

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4 letters


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