How Do You Spell AGLET?

Aglet is a small plastic or metal tip that is fixed to the end of shoelaces, and it is often overlooked. The spelling of the word "aglet" is quite unique as it is pronounced with a short 'a' sound followed by a hard 'g.' The 'l' is pronounced with a slight 'uh' sound, and the 'e' is silent. The IPA phonetic transcription for "aglet" is /ˈæɡ.lɪt/. So next time you're tying your shoes, remember the little "aglet" that keeps your laces in order!

Common Misspellings for AGLET

  • zglet
  • sglet
  • wglet
  • qglet
  • aflet
  • avlet
  • ahlet
  • aylet
  • atlet
  • agket
  • agpet
  • agoet
  • aglwt
  • aglst
  • agldt
  • aglrt
  • agl4t
  • agl3t
  • agler
  • cglet

Similar spelling words for AGLET

Plural form of AGLET is AGLETS

36 words made out of letters AGLET

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