How Do You Spell AGUA?

The word "agua" is a Spanish word that means "water" in English. The phonetic transcription of this word in IPA is /ˈa.ɣwa/. The letter "g" in this word is pronounced as the consonant sound /ɣ/ which is similar to the "g" sound in the Dutch word "dag". The letter "u" in "agua" is silent, so the word is pronounced with only two syllables. When spelling the word "agua", it is important to remember the silent "u" and the unique pronunciation of the letter "g".

Common Misspellings for AGUA

  • sgua
  • wagua
  • agau
  • aagua
  • aggua
  • aguua
  • aguaa
  • igua
  • egua
  • cgua
  • awua
  • aoua
  • acua
  • aeua
  • agui
  • ague
  • aguc
  • a gua
  • ag ua
  • agu a

Similar spelling words for AGUA

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