How Do You Spell AILED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Ailed" is [ˈeɪ_l_d], [ˈe͡ɪld], [ˈe‍ɪld]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for AILED

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Definition of AILED

  1. of Ail

Anagrams of AILED

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Usage Examples for AILED

  1. But, my dear, what ailed you at him you sent away the other week- him that Rosie was telling me of? - "Janet's Love and Service" by Margaret M Robertson
  2. They sang in her ears even as she spoke to her father or Jessie, or the dogs who followed her about with wistful eyes as if they were asking her what ailed her, and as if they would help her. - "At Love's Cost" by Charles Garvice

Conjugate verb Ailed


I would ail
we would ail
you would ail
he/she/it would ail
they would ail


I will ail
we will ail
you will ail
he/she/it will ail
they will ail


I will have ailed
we will have ailed
you will have ailed
he/she/it will have ailed
they will have ailed


I ailed
we ailed
you ailed
he/she/it ailed
they ailed


I had ailed
we had ailed
you had ailed
he/she/it had ailed
they had ailed


I ail
we ail
you ail
he/she/it ails
they ail


I have ailed
we have ailed
you have ailed
he/she/it has ailed
they have ailed
I am ailing
we are ailing
you are ailing
he/she/it is ailing
they are ailing
I was ailing
we were ailing
you were ailing
he/she/it was ailing
they were ailing
I will be ailing
we will be ailing
you will be ailing
he/she/it will be ailing
they will be ailing
I have been ailing
we have been ailing
you have been ailing
he/she/it has been ailing
they have been ailing
I had been ailing
we had been ailing
you had been ailing
he/she/it had been ailing
they had been ailing
I will have been ailing
we will have been ailing
you will have been ailing
he/she/it will have been ailing
they will have been ailing
I would have ailed
we would have ailed
you would have ailed
he/she/it would have ailed
they would have ailed
I would be ailing
we would be ailing
you would be ailing
he/she/it would be ailing
they would be ailing
I would have been ailing
we would have been ailing
you would have been ailing
he/she/it would have been ailing
they would have been ailing