How Do You Spell AIMING?

Correct spelling for the English word "Aiming" is [ˈeɪ_m_ɪ_ŋ], [ˈe͡ɪmɪŋ], [ˈe‍ɪmɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for AIMING

Below is the list of 224 misspellings for the word "aiming".

Plural form of AIMING is AIMINGS

Anagrams of AIMING

6 letters

  • aiming.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for AIMING

  1. Of course, Rip's planned orbit was not aiming the asteroid at Earth, but at where Earth would be at the end of the trip. - "Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet" by Harold Leland Goodwin
  2. It was the goal at which she had been aiming, and yet, now that it was reached, she felt a keen pang of regret. - "A Romance of Wastdale" by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason

Conjugate verb Aiming


I would aim
we would aim
you would aim
he/she/it would aim
they would aim


I will aim
we will aim
you will aim
he/she/it will aim
they will aim


I will have aimed
we will have aimed
you will have aimed
he/she/it will have aimed
they will have aimed


I aimed
we aimed
you aimed
he/she/it aimed
they aimed


I had aimed
we had aimed
you had aimed
he/she/it had aimed
they had aimed


I aim
we aim
you aim
he/she/it aims
they aim


I have aimed
we have aimed
you have aimed
he/she/it has aimed
they have aimed
I am aiming
we are aiming
you are aiming
he/she/it is aiming
they are aiming
I was aiming
we were aiming
you were aiming
he/she/it was aiming
they were aiming
I will be aiming
we will be aiming
you will be aiming
he/she/it will be aiming
they will be aiming
I have been aiming
we have been aiming
you have been aiming
he/she/it has been aiming
they have been aiming
I had been aiming
we had been aiming
you had been aiming
he/she/it had been aiming
they had been aiming
I will have been aiming
we will have been aiming
you will have been aiming
he/she/it will have been aiming
they will have been aiming
I would have aimed
we would have aimed
you would have aimed
he/she/it would have aimed
they would have aimed
I would be aiming
we would be aiming
you would be aiming
he/she/it would be aiming
they would be aiming
I would have been aiming
we would have been aiming
you would have been aiming
he/she/it would have been aiming
they would have been aiming