How Do You Spell AIR?

Correct spelling for the English word "air" is [ˈeə], [ˈe͡ə], [ˈe‍ə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of AIR

  1. the atmosphere, as opposed to the higher regions of the sky ( 1 Thessalonians 4:17 ; Revelation 9:2 ; 16:17 ). This word occurs once as the rendering of the Hebrew ruah ( Job 41:16 ); elsewhere it is the rendering of shamaiyim , usually translated "heavens." The expression "to speak into the air" ( 1 Corinthians 14:9 ) is a proverb denoting to speak in vain, as to "beat the air" ( 1 Corinthians 9:26 ) denotes to labour in vain.

Common Misspellings for AIR

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Usage Examples for AIR

  1. " It's the air in here. - "Out of the Primitive" by Robert Ames Bennet
  2. I've used up more of his time and the surroundin' air than you'd believe was possible. - "Cap'n Warren's Wards" by Joseph C. Lincoln
  3. The feel of it was in the air. - "The Blazed Trail" by Stewart Edward White
  4. And the air is fine. - "The Stronger Influence" by F.E. Mills Young