How Do You Spell AIRE?

The word "aire" has an unclear spelling but the IPA phonetic transcription can shed light on its pronunciation. In English, "aire" can be pronounced as /ɛr/ as in "millionaire" or /er/ as in "extraordinaire." However, these pronunciations are borrowed from French and the original spelling is "ère." In Spanish, "aire" is pronounced as /aˈiɾe/ and is commonly used to indicate a place or a certain quality. Despite its varied pronunciations, the word "aire" adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any sentence.

Common Misspellings for AIRE

  • air3e
  • aire3
  • ire
  • aaire
  • aiire
  • iire
  • ayre
  • ai2e
  • aibe
  • aipe
  • airu
  • airm
  • airg
  • a ire
  • ai re
  • air e

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