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How Do You Spell AIRES?

Correct spelling for the English word "aires" is [ ˈa͡ɪɹɪz] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Usage Examples for AIRES

  1. The Buenos Aires went on, leaving us a bit cheered, perhaps, but none the better off, except that she verified our bearings. - "The After House" by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. Her brother from far- away Buenos Aires had sent it to her, saying that it would help to keep her during the closing years of her life; and she had added it to her small savings with a feeling of deepest gratitude that her last days were now fully provided for. - "The Re-Creation of Brian Kent" by Harold Bell Wright
  3. Me and my 'usban', we go to Buenos Aires soon as we can. - "Command" by William McFee
  4. The Argentine Republic will also hold from May to November, 1910, at Buenos Aires a great International Agricultural Exhibition in which the United States has been invited to participate. - "Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present" by Various
  5. Mistrust of the authorities at Buenos Aires insistence upon provincial autonomy, failure to agree upon a particular kind of republican government, and a lingering inclination to monarchy made progress toward national unity impossible. - "The Hispanic Nations of the New World Volume 50 in The Chronicles Of America Series" by William R. Shepherd