How Do You Spell AIRS?

Correct spelling for the English word "airs" is [ˈeə_z], [ˈe͡əz], [ˈe‍əz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for AIRS

Below is the list of 136 misspellings for the word "airs".

Definition of AIRS

  1. Conceited or pretentious manners.

Anagrams of AIRS

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Usage Examples for AIRS

  1. He won't put on so many airs, I'm thinking." - "Herbert Carter's Legacy" by Horatio Alger
  2. " Mrs. Burrell is putting on grand airs, it seems, so then it will go that people of course will speak ill of her," said Joan. - "A Singer from the Sea" by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

What does airs stand for?

Abbreviation AIRS means:

  1. Advanced Internet Recruiting Strategies
  2. Action Item Reporting System

Conjugate verb Airs


I would air
we would air
you would air
he/she/it would air
they would air


I will air
we will air
you will air
he/she/it will air
they will air


I will have aired
we will have aired
you will have aired
he/she/it will have aired
they will have aired


I aired
we aired
you aired
he/she/it aired
they aired


I had aired
we had aired
you had aired
he/she/it had aired
they had aired


I air
we air
you air
he/she/it airs
they air


I have aired
we have aired
you have aired
he/she/it has aired
they have aired
I am airing
we are airing
you are airing
he/she/it is airing
they are airing
I was airing
we were airing
you were airing
he/she/it was airing
they were airing
I will be airing
we will be airing
you will be airing
he/she/it will be airing
they will be airing
I have been airing
we have been airing
you have been airing
he/she/it has been airing
they have been airing
I had been airing
we had been airing
you had been airing
he/she/it had been airing
they had been airing
I will have been airing
we will have been airing
you will have been airing
he/she/it will have been airing
they will have been airing
I would have aired
we would have aired
you would have aired
he/she/it would have aired
they would have aired
I would be airing
we would be airing
you would be airing
he/she/it would be airing
they would be airing
I would have been airing
we would have been airing
you would have been airing
he/she/it would have been airing
they would have been airing