How Do You Spell AIX?

The spelling of the word "aix" may seem strange, but it is actually a correct spelling for a specific word. In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), it is transcribed as /eks/. This word is the French name for the city of Aachen, Germany, and is sometimes used in English as a way of referring to the city. So, while the spelling may look unfamiliar to some, it is technically correct and has a specific pronunciation in IPA.

Common Misspellings for AIX

  • saix
  • waix
  • aixz
  • aicx
  • aixc
  • aisx
  • ix
  • iax
  • aaix
  • aiix
  • aixx
  • iix
  • eix
  • cix
  • ayx
  • ahx
  • aayex
  • aeyex
  • a ix
  • ai x

Similar spelling words for AIX

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