How Do You Spell AK-SHEHR?

Ak-Shehr is a city located in Turkey. It is also known as Aksaray. The spelling of the word "Ak-Shehr" is pronounced as /ɑːk ʃeɪr/. The first part "Ak" is pronounced as /ɑːk/ with the vowel sound being long. The second part "Shehr" is pronounced as /ʃeɪr/ with the "sh" sound being prominent in the word. The spelling "Ak-Shehr" is a transliteration of the Turkish language, where "Ak" means "white" and "Shehr" means "city".

Common Misspellings for AK-SHEHR

  • zk-shehr
  • sk-shehr
  • wk-shehr
  • qk-shehr
  • aj-shehr
  • am-shehr
  • al-shehr
  • ao-shehr
  • ai-shehr
  • ak0shehr
  • akpshehr
  • ak-ahehr
  • ak-zhehr
  • ak-xhehr
  • ak-dhehr
  • ak-ehehr
  • ak-whehr
  • ak-sgehr
  • ak-sbehr
  • ak-snehr

15 words made out of letters AK-SHEHR


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