How Do You Spell AKAN?

The word "akan" is spelled using the alphabets A-K-A-N. It is pronounced as /aːkən/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). This word is of Indonesian origin and has multiple meanings, such as "will" or "shall" in the future tense, and also refers to a specific ethnic group in Ghana. The spelling of "akan" is important as it helps to distinguish its meaning and context in communication, both in written and spoken forms.

Common Misspellings for AKAN

  • zkan
  • wkan
  • qkan
  • aoan
  • akzn
  • aksn
  • akwn
  • akqn
  • akam
  • akaj
  • akah
  • zakan
  • azkan
  • sakan
  • askan
  • wakan
  • awkan
  • qakan
  • aqkan

Similar spelling words for AKAN

Plural form of AKAN is AKANS

12 words made out of letters AKAN

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3 letters

4 letters


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