How Do You Spell AL-?

Pronunciation: [ˈal] (IPA)

The spelling of the Arabic prefix "al-" is rooted in its pronunciation. In IPA phonetic transcription, "al-" is pronounced as "/al-/", with stress on the first syllable. The Arabic letter "alif" is used to represent the long "a" sound, while the letter "lam" signifies the definite article "the." Therefore, "al-" is used before singular nouns to signify specificity or before a common noun to make it definite. In English, "al-" is often spelled with or without a hyphen, depending on the context.

AL- Meaning and Definition

The term "al-" is a prefix that originates from the Arabic language and has been adopted by several other languages, including English. It is predominantly used in names and words of Arabic origin, often representing the definite article "the" in English.

When used as a prefix, "al-" serves to indicate a specific or particular object or person, highlighting its uniqueness or distinguishing it from others. It is most commonly found in Muslim names, such as Aladdin, Ali, Allah, or Alhambra. In many cases, the term "al-" is followed by a noun or proper name, emphasizing its significance or importance in Arabic culture.

In addition to personal names, the prefix "al-" is also present in various Arabic loanwords that have made their way into the English language. For instance, words like algebra, algorithm, alcohol, or alchemy have all been derived from Arabic roots, with "al-" often preceding the original term. This prefix helps identify the Arabic origins of these words and may sometimes indicate a relation to Muslim or Islamic culture.

Overall, the prefix "al-" is an important linguistic element in Arabic and its borrowed forms, allowing for the expression of definiteness or uniqueness while serving as a cultural marker or connection to the Arabic-speaking world.

Common Misspellings for AL-

  • al-0

Etymology of AL-

The word "al-" is a prefix in the Arabic language that is used to indicate "the" or "the thing/person associated with" when attached to a noun. It comes from the Arabic definite article "al" (ٱل), which is used similarly. "Al" originally derives from the Arabic word "ʾal" (ال), meaning "the" or "definite article".


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