How Do You Spell ALA?

Pronunciation: [ɐlˈa] (IPA)

The word "ala" is spelled with the letters A-L-A. It is pronounced /ˈɑːlə/ and the IPA phonetic transcription shows that the first letter A is pronounced as a long vowel "a" sound, the second letter L is pronounced as a simple "l" sound, and the third letter A is pronounced as a schwa "ə" sound. The word "ala" has multiple meanings, including wing or a part of a botanical plant. Its proper pronunciation and spelling are essential to avoid misunderstandings in communication.

ALA Meaning and Definition

  1. There are two main definitions for the term "ala," depending on the context in which it is used.

    1. In anatomy, "ala" refers to a winglike structure or a wing-like part of an organ. This term is often used in relation to various parts of the human body. For example, the term "ala" can refer to the ala of the nose, which is the outer side of the nasal opening that resembles a wing. It can also be used to describe the ala of the ilium, which is a flat, wing-shaped bone forming the upper part of the hip bone.

    2. In Islamic architecture, "ala" refers to a projecting wing or balcony that is typically present in mosques. This architectural element is often used to create additional space for worshippers or to enhance the visual appearance of the building. The "ala" in this context can be seen as an architectural feature that adds depth and grandeur to the overall design.

    In both contexts, the term "ala" refers to a wing or wing-like structure, whether it is an anatomical part of the human body or an architectural component in Islamic buildings.

  2. 1. Any wing-like or expanded structure. 2. Axilla.

    A practical medical dictionary. By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop. Published 1920.

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Etymology of ALA

The word "ala" has multiple etymological origins and meanings depending on the context:

1. In Latin and Spanish: The word "ala" originally comes from the Latin term "ala" meaning "wing". This Latin root gave rise to the Spanish word "ala", which still carries the same meaning of a wing.

2. In Arabic: The word "ala" is an Arabic term that has several meanings. Firstly, it can mean "on" or "upon" when used as a preposition, indicating the position of something. Additionally, "ala" can also mean "above" or "over". Lastly, it can serve as a particle expressing surprise or an exclamation, similar to the English word "wow" or "oh".

3. In Tagalog: In the Filipino language, specifically Tagalog, "ala" is a shortened form of the word "walang" meaning "no" or "without".

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Plural form of ALA is ALAE


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