How Do You Spell ALATE?

The word "alate" is spelled as /əˈleɪt/. The pronunciation of this word is accentuated on the second syllable, which rhymes with the word "lay". The word "alate" refers to insect wings that are modified for flight, and is commonly used in the study of entomology. The spelling of the word "alate" is unique, with the "a" and "t" being pronounced as separate syllables, and the "e" at the end is silent. Correct spelling of entomological terms is crucial, as they often have very specific meanings.

Common Misspellings for ALATE

  • zlate
  • wlate
  • qlate
  • akate
  • apate
  • alzte
  • alste
  • alwte
  • alqte
  • alafe
  • alaye
  • ala6e
  • ala5e
  • alatw
  • alats
  • alatd
  • alat4
  • alat3

Similar spelling words for ALATE

Plural form of ALATE is ALATES

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