How Do You Spell ALBERTI?

The word "Alberti" is spelled with six letters and a stress on the second syllable, Al-BER-tee. The first letter is pronounced as /æ/ in cat, followed by /l/, which is a voiced alveolar lateral approximant /l/. The third letter is /b/, followed by an unstressed /ə/ sound, which can either be pronounced as a schwa or as a reduced vowel, and pronounced as /t/ in the last syllable, a voiceless alveolar stop. Together, they make up the name of a famous Italian Renaissance architect, Leon Battista Alberti.

Common Misspellings for ALBERTI

  • zlberti
  • slberti
  • wlberti
  • qlberti
  • akberti
  • apberti
  • aoberti
  • alverti
  • alnerti
  • alherti
  • algerti
  • albwrti
  • albsrti
  • albdrti
  • albrrti
  • alb4rti
  • alb3rti
  • albeeti
  • albedti

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