How Do You Spell ALBETOL?

The word Albetol is spelled as /æl'bi:tɒl/. The first two letters, "al," are pronounced as /æl/, and they are followed by a long "e" sound represented by the letter "e". The next part of the word, "bet," is pronounced as /bɛt/ and is followed by an "o" sound, represented by the letter "o." Finally, the word ends with the sound of "l," pronounced as /l/. Albetol is a medication used to treat high blood pressure.

Common Misspellings for ALBETOL

  • zlbetol
  • slbetol
  • wlbetol
  • qlbetol
  • akbetol
  • apbetol
  • aobetol
  • alvetol
  • alnetol
  • alhetol
  • algetol
  • albwtol
  • albstol
  • albdtol
  • albrtol
  • alb4tol
  • alb3tol
  • alberol
  • albefol
  • albegol

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