How Do You Spell ALDEHYDE?

Pronunciation: [ˈaldɪhˌa͡ɪd] (IPA)

The word "aldehyde" is pronounced as /ælˈdɛhaɪd/ according to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The first syllable "al" is pronounced with the vowel sound /æ/ like in the word "cat," while the second syllable "de" is pronounced with the short vowel sound /ɛ/ like in the word "bed." The final syllable "hyde" is pronounced with the diphthong /aɪ/ like in the word "eye." The spelling of the word "aldehyde" reflects its Greek origin, where "al" means alcohol and "dehydros" means dehydrogenated.

ALDEHYDE Meaning and Definition

  1. An aldehyde is a type of organic compound that contains a carbonyl group (-C=O) with a hydrogen atom (-H) and a carbon atom (-C) attached to it. This functional group, known as an aldehyde group, is located at the end of the carbon chain in an aldehyde molecule. Aldehydes are characterized by their strong and distinctive odor, often described as fruity or pungent.

    Aldehydes can be derived from the oxidation of primary alcohols, resulting in the removal of two hydrogen atoms and the formation of an aldehyde group. They can also be produced by the oxidation of some secondary alcohols. Some common examples of aldehydes include formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and benzaldehyde.

    These compounds play significant roles in various chemical reactions and biological processes. They are widely used in the production of perfumes, flavors, and pharmaceuticals. Aldehydes are also known for their sterilizing properties, making them valuable components in disinfectants and preservatives.

    In addition, aldehydes can serve as intermediates in the synthesis of other organic compounds. They readily undergo reactions such as condensation, reduction, and addition reactions due to the high polarity of the carbonyl group. These reactions result in the formation of alcohols, acids, and other derivatives.

    Aldehydes are essential in many fields of chemistry, including organic synthesis, biochemistry, and industrial applications. Their versatile properties and wide range of applications make them valuable components in various industries.

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Etymology of ALDEHYDE

The word "aldehyde" originated from a combination of the Arabic prefix "al-" (meaning "the") and the Latin word "dehydrogenatum" (meaning "dehydrogenated"), referring to the removal of hydrogen from an alcohol. This term was later modified to "alcohol dehydrogenatum" in the 18th century, which eventually became "aldehyde" in English.

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Plural form of ALDEHYDE is ALDEHYDES


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