How Do You Spell ALEE?

The word "alee" is spelled with the emphasis on the second syllable, and IPA phonetic transcription gives it as /əˈliː/. This term is commonly used in the maritime world and refers to the position of an object or vessel relative to the wind, with "alee" meaning that it is downwind. In nautical terms, this word is essential for determining course and direction of travel. While it may seem like a simple word, proper spelling is critical when it comes to safety on the high seas.

Common Misspellings for ALEE

  • zlee
  • wlee
  • qlee
  • apee
  • zalee
  • azlee
  • aslee
  • walee
  • awlee
  • qalee
  • aqlee
  • aplee
  • alpee
  • aolee
  • aloee
  • alwee
  • alewe
  • alsee
  • alede
  • clee

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