How Do You Spell ALEP?

The word "alep" is an uncommon term with various spellings such as "aleph" and "aleph bet." It is Hebrew in origin and refers to the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In transliteration, 'alep' can be spelled as /ˈɑːlɛf/. The pronunciation starts with a vowel sound /ɑː/ followed by /l/ and an unvoiced /f/ sound. In Hebrew script, 'alep' is represented by a pictogram of an ox head, symbolizing strength and leadership.

Common Misspellings for ALEP

  • ale-p
  • alep-
  • ale0p
  • alep0
  • laep
  • aelp
  • aalep
  • allep
  • alepp
  • ilep
  • elep
  • ahep
  • anep
  • amep
  • alup
  • almp
  • algp
  • aleq
  • a lep
  • al ep

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