How Do You Spell ALIAS?

Correct spelling for the English word "alias" is [ˈeɪ_l_iə_s], [ˈe͡ɪli͡əs], [ˈe‍ɪli‍əs]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for ALIAS

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Similar spelling words for ALIAS

Plural form of ALIAS is ALIASES

Definition of ALIAS

  1. Otherwise; otherwise called; a term used in legal proceedings to connect the different names of any one who has gone by two or more, and whose true name is for any cause doubtful; as, Smith, alias Simpson.

Anagrams of ALIAS

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Usage Examples for ALIAS

  1. Criminals have a horror of dying under an alias. - "Courts and Criminals" by Arthur Train
  2. When I have cause to hide myself under an alias, Count, it will be time to insult me with the suggestion that I am ashamed of my own name of Gilmore. - "By Wit of Woman" by Arthur W. Marchmont

What does alias stand for?

Abbreviation ALIAS means:

  1. Anomaly Library Inspection Assurance Standard
  2. Artificial Life Intelligence and Adaptive Systems

Conjugate verb Alias


I would alias
we would alias
you would alias
he/she/it would alias
they would alias


I will alias
we will alias
you will alias
he/she/it will alias
they will alias


I will have aliased
we will have aliased
you will have aliased
he/she/it will have aliased
they will have aliased


I aliased
we aliased
you aliased
he/she/it aliased
they aliased


I had aliased
we had aliased
you had aliased
he/she/it had aliased
they had aliased


I alias
we alias
you alias
he/she/it aliases
they alias


I have aliased
we have aliased
you have aliased
he/she/it has aliased
they have aliased
I am aliasing
we are aliasing
you are aliasing
he/she/it is aliasing
they are aliasing
I was aliasing
we were aliasing
you were aliasing
he/she/it was aliasing
they were aliasing
I will be aliasing
we will be aliasing
you will be aliasing
he/she/it will be aliasing
they will be aliasing
I have been aliasing
we have been aliasing
you have been aliasing
he/she/it has been aliasing
they have been aliasing
I had been aliasing
we had been aliasing
you had been aliasing
he/she/it had been aliasing
they had been aliasing
I will have been aliasing
we will have been aliasing
you will have been aliasing
he/she/it will have been aliasing
they will have been aliasing
I would have aliased
we would have aliased
you would have aliased
he/she/it would have aliased
they would have aliased
I would be aliasing
we would be aliasing
you would be aliasing
he/she/it would be aliasing
they would be aliasing
I would have been aliasing
we would have been aliasing
you would have been aliasing
he/she/it would have been aliasing
they would have been aliasing