How Do You Spell ALIBIS?

Pronunciation: [ˈaləbˌa͡ɪz] (IPA)

The word "alibis" is spelled with two syllables: al-i-bis. The first syllable starts with the "æ" sound as in "cat" followed by an "l" sound, while the second syllable starts with the "ay" sound as in "say" followed by a "b" sound and an "ih" sound as in "hit". The stress in the word falls on the first syllable. This word refers to excuses or explanations used to avoid blame or punishment. Make sure to check your "alibis" before making any excuses.

ALIBIS Meaning and Definition

  1. Alibis refer to explanations or justifications offered by individuals to defend themselves against accusations or suspicions of wrongdoing. The term is derived from the Latin phrase "alibi," which means "elsewhere," and pertains to proving that the individual was elsewhere at the time the alleged offense occurred. Alibis serve to establish an individual's innocence by demonstrating that they had a legitimate reason for not being present or involved in the incident in question.

    Typically, alibis involve presenting evidence such as witnesses, surveillance footage, or other documented proof that can substantiate the claim of being in a different location during the alleged offense. These pieces of evidence serve to support the individual's claim of innocence and undermine the credibility of accusations against them. It is essential for an alibi to be corroborated and verifiable for it to be considered a legitimate defense.

    Alibis are often presented in legal proceedings, where individuals facing criminal charges attempt to demonstrate their innocence by providing evidence of their whereabouts during the time of the alleged crime. Defense lawyers may heavily rely on alibis to challenge the prosecution's case and create reasonable doubt in the minds of the judge or jury. However, it is worth noting that alibis can also be used deceptively or falsely by individuals attempting to evade accountability or shift blame.

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Etymology of ALIBIS

The word "alibis" has its roots in Latin. It originated from the Latin phrase "alibi", which means "elsewhere" or "in another place". The phrase "alibi" was formed by combining the words "alius" meaning "other" and "ibi" meaning "there". The term "alibi" initially appeared in English in the legal context during the 18th century to refer to evidence that proves the presence of a person at a specific location other than the scene of a crime, thus providing them with a defense. Over time, "alibis" became the plural form of "alibi" and is now commonly used to describe excuses, explanations, or proof of one's whereabouts to avoid suspicion or blame.

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