How Do You Spell ALIEN?

Correct spelling for the English word "alien" is [ˈeɪ_l_iə_n], [ˈe͡ɪli͡ən], [ˈe‍ɪli‍ən]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of ALIEN

  1. Wholly different in nature; foreign; adverse; inconsistent (with); incongruous; - followed by from or sometimes by to; as, principles alien from our religion.

Common Misspellings for ALIEN

Below is the list of 444 misspellings for the word "alien".

Usage Examples for ALIEN

  1. " You would call it that," the alien whispered. - "Felony" by James Causey
  2. It was in essence alien- something that life had added to him. - "The Vision of Desire" by Margaret Pedler
  3. Hanlon had the peculiar feeling that they were somehow familiar, as though related to something he already knew, even though they were so alien. - "Man of Many Minds" by E. Everett Evans
  4. They took possession of my trunks, searched every part of the rooms for papers, threw all the loose articles into a sack, called a coach, and away we went to the alien office. - "Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Complete" by Matthew L. Davis
  5. A world all hot with sunshine, with a hot, white sky above it- Oh then I feel an alien in a land I'd call my own; The rain is like a friend's caress, I lean to it and love it, 'Tis like a finger on a nerve that thrills for it alone! - "Fires of Driftwood" by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay