How Do You Spell ALISON MOYET?

Pronunciation: [ˈalɪsən mˈɔ͡ɪɪt] (IPA)

The spelling of the name Alison Moyet is unique, with two distinct pronunciations for each syllable. The first syllable, “Al-“, is pronounced with a short ‘a’ sound as in “cat” followed by the ‘l’ sound. The second syllable, “-ison”, is pronounced with a long ‘i’ sound as in “eye” followed by the ‘z’ sound and ‘n’. Lastly, the surname “Moyet” is pronounced with the ‘m’ sound, a long ‘o’ sound, followed by the ‘y’ sound, and ending with the ‘t’ sound. The IPA phonetic transcription for this name would be /ˈælɪsn ˈmɔɪeɪ/.

ALISON MOYET Meaning and Definition

Alison Moyet is an English singer, songwriter, and performer, born on June 18, 1961, in Billericay, Essex, United Kingdom. Often referred to as the "Pop/Soul Queen," she has gained recognition for her powerful, deep, and soulful singing voice. Moyet first rose to prominence as one half of the synth-pop duo Yazoo, alongside Vince Clarke, in the early 1980s.

Her career as a solo artist began in 1984, following the split of Yazoo, and she quickly established herself as a successful and influential singer. Known for her versatile vocal range, Moyet's distinctive voice spans from rich contralto to high belts, enabling her to tackle diverse musical genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and blues with equal ease and authenticity.

Throughout her career, Alison Moyet has released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including "Alf" (1984), "Hoodoo" (1991), and "Hometime" (2002), which have showcased her exceptional songwriting skills and emotional depth. Her versatile and soulful voice has resonated with audiences worldwide, earning her accolades and a loyal fan base.

Beyond her musical accomplishments, Moyet is also recognized for her stage and acting performances, as well as her outspokenness on social and political issues.

In summary, Alison Moyet is an influential British singer-songwriter with a powerful and soulful voice, known for her versatile range and ability to connect with audiences across various musical genres. Her longevity in the music industry and consistent artistry have firmly established her as an iconic figure in popular music.

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Etymology of ALISON MOYET

The word Alison Moyet is not an etymological term but rather a proper noun referring to a person. Alison Moyet is a British singer, songwriter, and performer, known for her distinctive contralto vocal range. The name Alison is of medieval origin, derived from the Old French name Alis(s)on, which itself is derived from the Germanic name Adalheidis, meaning noble or of noble kind. Moyet is a surname of Norman French origin, derived from the Old French word moier, meaning to wander or to stray.


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