How Do You Spell ALLOCATE?

Pronunciation: [ˈaləkˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

The word "allocate" is spelled as /ˈæləkeɪt/. The first syllable is pronounced as "al" with the short vowel sound "æ." The second syllable has the schwa sound "ə" followed by the consonant "l." The third syllable is pronounced as "kay" with a long vowel sound "eɪ" and the final syllable has the consonant "t" sound. The word means to distribute or assign something to a particular person or for a specific purpose. It is commonly used in business and financial contexts.

ALLOCATE Meaning and Definition

  1. Allocate is a verb that refers to the act of assigning or distributing resources, items, or tasks to individuals, groups, or specific purposes. It involves making a deliberate and conscious decision about how resources will be divided and utilized.

    When resources are allocated, they are typically allocated based on certain criteria or plans in order to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. This may involve considering factors such as need, priority, capacity, or strategic objectives. For example, a project manager may allocate a specific budget to different departments or tasks based on their importance and urgency.

    The process of allocation often requires careful consideration and planning. It involves assessing the available resources and determining how to distribute them in a way that maximizes their potential and meets the desired outcomes. This can be done through budgeting, scheduling, or any other means that allow for the appropriate division and assignment of resources.

    In addition to physical resources like money, materials, or equipment, allocation can also refer to the distribution of intangible assets such as time, attention, or responsibilities. For instance, a manager may allocate certain tasks or responsibilities to different team members based on their skills and availability.

    Overall, allocate is a crucial concept used in various contexts, such as business, project management, economics, or resource planning. It involves the thoughtful and intentional division and assignment of resources to achieve specific objectives or goals.

  2. To give each one his share or part; to set apart for any purpose; to distribute.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of ALLOCATE

The word allocate originates from the Latin word allocatus, which is the past participle form of the verb allocare. Allocare is a compound word formed from ad- meaning to and locare meaning to place. Therefore, allocate essentially means to place or assign something to a specific location or purpose.

Idioms with the word ALLOCATE

  • allocate sth to sm or sth The idiom "allocate something to someone or something" means to distribute, assign, or set aside a particular resource, task, responsibility, or time for someone or something. It involves distributing or designating resources in a planned and organized manner to meet specific needs or goals.
  • allocate to The idiom "allocate to" means to assign or distribute resources, such as time, money, or personnel, to a specific task, project, or purpose. It refers to the act of setting aside or designating something for a particular use or allocation.
  • allocate (something) to The idiom "allocate (something) to" means to assign, distribute, or designate something, typically resources, tasks, or responsibilities, to a specific person, group, or purpose. It involves the act of intentionally setting aside or determining where something will be utilized or directed in order to ensure proper organization and efficiency.
  • allocate something to someone or something The idiom "allocate something to someone or something" means to assign or designate something, such as resources, tasks, or responsibilities, to a specific person or thing. It involves the act of distributing or apportioning an item or duty to a particular individual or entity for them to manage, utilize, or handle.

Similar spelling words for ALLOCATE

Conjugate verb Allocate


I would have allocated
you would have allocated
he/she/it would have allocated
we would have allocated
they would have allocated
I would have allocate
you would have allocate
he/she/it would have allocate
we would have allocate
they would have allocate


I would have been allocating
you would have been allocating
he/she/it would have been allocating
we would have been allocating
they would have been allocating


I would allocate
you would allocate
he/she/it would allocate
we would allocate
they would allocate


I would be allocating
you would be allocating
he/she/it would be allocating
we would be allocating
they would be allocating


I will allocate
you will allocate
he/she/it will allocate
we will allocate
they will allocate


I will be allocating
you will be allocating
he/she/it will be allocating
we will be allocating
they will be allocating


I will have allocated
you will have allocated
he/she/it will have allocated
we will have allocated
they will have allocated


I will have been allocating
you will have been allocating
he/she/it will have been allocating
we will have been allocating
they will have been allocating


you allocate
we let´s allocate


to allocate


I was allocating
you were allocating
he/she/it was allocating
we were allocating
they were allocating




I had allocated
you had allocated
he/she/it had allocated
we had allocated
they had allocated


I had been allocating
you had been allocating
he/she/it had been allocating
we had been allocating
they had been allocating


I allocate
you allocate
he/she/it allocates
we allocate
they allocate


I am allocating
you are allocating
he/she/it is allocating
we are allocating
they are allocating




I have allocated
you have allocated
he/she/it has allocated
we have allocated
they have allocated


I have been allocating
you have been allocating
he/she/it has been allocating
we have been allocating
they have been allocating


he/she/it allocate


I allocated
you allocated
he/she/it allocated
we allocated
they allocated


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