How Do You Spell ALLOWS?

Correct spelling for the English word "allows" is [ɐlˈa͡ʊz], [ɐlˈa‍ʊz], [ɐ_l_ˈaʊ_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Below is the list of 175 misspellings for the word "allows".

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Anagrams of ALLOWS

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Usage Examples for ALLOWS

  1. " The light is put out, but if your majesty allows me, I-" She was silent, and her bearing assumed the appearance of amazement and horror. - "Marie Antoinette And Her Son" by Louise Muhlbach Official
  2. But Mr. Dallas don't appear to be getting the hang of it so very well and the chauffeur, who's setting there with me, he allows probably the boss ain't caught on to these here new dances yet. - "J. Poindexter, Colored" by Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb

Conjugate verb Allows


I would allow
we would allow
you would allow
he/she/it would allow
they would allow


I will allow
we will allow
you will allow
he/she/it will allow
they will allow


I will have allowed
we will have allowed
you will have allowed
he/she/it will have allowed
they will have allowed


I allowed
we allowed
you allowed
he/she/it allowed
they allowed


I had allowed
we had allowed
you had allowed
he/she/it had allowed
they had allowed


I allow
we allow
you allow
he/she/it allows
they allow


I have allowed
we have allowed
you have allowed
he/she/it has allowed
they have allowed
I am allowing
we are allowing
you are allowing
he/she/it is allowing
they are allowing
I was allowing
we were allowing
you were allowing
he/she/it was allowing
they were allowing
I will be allowing
we will be allowing
you will be allowing
he/she/it will be allowing
they will be allowing
I have been allowing
we have been allowing
you have been allowing
he/she/it has been allowing
they have been allowing
I had been allowing
we had been allowing
you had been allowing
he/she/it had been allowing
they had been allowing
I will have been allowing
we will have been allowing
you will have been allowing
he/she/it will have been allowing
they will have been allowing
I would have allowed
we would have allowed
you would have allowed
he/she/it would have allowed
they would have allowed
I would be allowing
we would be allowing
you would be allowing
he/she/it would be allowing
they would be allowing
I would have been allowing
we would have been allowing
you would have been allowing
he/she/it would have been allowing
they would have been allowing