How Do You Spell ALLUDES?

Correct spelling for the English word "alludes" is [ɐlˈuːdz], [ɐlˈuːdz], [ɐ_l_ˈuː_d_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for ALLUDES

Below is the list of 82 misspellings for the word "alludes".

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Anagrams of ALLUDES

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Usage Examples for ALLUDES

  1. So the landlord, after a sip of the " green seal," continued:- " At the time my wife alludes to, mein Herr, Johann Chessez was still living. - "A Night on the Borders of the Black Forest" by Amelia B. Edwards
  2. The whole history of the occurrence to which he alludes is simply this. - "Select Speeches of Daniel Webster" by Daniel Webster

Conjugate verb Alludes


I would allude
we would allude
you would allude
he/she/it would allude
they would allude


I will allude
we will allude
you will allude
he/she/it will allude
they will allude


I will have alluded
we will have alluded
you will have alluded
he/she/it will have alluded
they will have alluded


I alluded
we alluded
you alluded
he/she/it alluded
they alluded


I had alluded
we had alluded
you had alluded
he/she/it had alluded
they had alluded


I allude
we allude
you allude
he/she/it alludes
they allude


I have alluded
we have alluded
you have alluded
he/she/it has alluded
they have alluded
I am alluding
we are alluding
you are alluding
he/she/it is alluding
they are alluding
I was alluding
we were alluding
you were alluding
he/she/it was alluding
they were alluding
I will be alluding
we will be alluding
you will be alluding
he/she/it will be alluding
they will be alluding
I have been alluding
we have been alluding
you have been alluding
he/she/it has been alluding
they have been alluding
I had been alluding
we had been alluding
you had been alluding
he/she/it had been alluding
they had been alluding
I will have been alluding
we will have been alluding
you will have been alluding
he/she/it will have been alluding
they will have been alluding
I would have alluded
we would have alluded
you would have alluded
he/she/it would have alluded
they would have alluded
I would be alluding
we would be alluding
you would be alluding
he/she/it would be alluding
they would be alluding
I would have been alluding
we would have been alluding
you would have been alluding
he/she/it would have been alluding
they would have been alluding