How Do You Spell ALLURING?

Alluring is spelled with two Ls and two Rs. The IPA phonetic transcription for alluring is /əˈljʊərɪŋ/. The first syllable is pronounced as "uh" and the second syllable is pronounced as "lyoo". The stress falls on the second syllable. The final syllable is pronounced as "ing". The double Ls and double Rs in the spelling correspond with the presence of both the /l/ and /r/ sounds in the pronunciation. Alluring means attractive or enticing, and it is commonly used to describe someone or something that is appealing or seductive.

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Conjugate verb Alluring


I would allure
we would allure
you would allure
he/she/it would allure
they would allure


I will allure
we will allure
you will allure
he/she/it will allure
they will allure


I will have allured
we will have allured
you will have allured
he/she/it will have allured
they will have allured


I allured
we allured
you allured
he/she/it allured
they allured


I had allured
we had allured
you had allured
he/she/it had allured
they had allured


I allure
we allure
you allure
he/she/it allures
they allure


I have allured
we have allured
you have allured
he/she/it has allured
they have allured
I am alluring
we are alluring
you are alluring
he/she/it is alluring
they are alluring
I was alluring
we were alluring
you were alluring
he/she/it was alluring
they were alluring
I will be alluring
we will be alluring
you will be alluring
he/she/it will be alluring
they will be alluring
I have been alluring
we have been alluring
you have been alluring
he/she/it has been alluring
they have been alluring
I had been alluring
we had been alluring
you had been alluring
he/she/it had been alluring
they had been alluring
I will have been alluring
we will have been alluring
you will have been alluring
he/she/it will have been alluring
they will have been alluring
I would have allured
we would have allured
you would have allured
he/she/it would have allured
they would have allured
I would be alluring
we would be alluring
you would be alluring
he/she/it would be alluring
they would be alluring
I would have been alluring
we would have been alluring
you would have been alluring
he/she/it would have been alluring
they would have been alluring


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